The Australian Quilt & Textiles Collection (AQTC)

Our signature project, AQTC, focuses on the principal objective of preserving the diversity of Australian quilts and their stories, along with visually and digitally recording the quilt artists and makers who make this possible. From the most unassuming to the award-winning… there is a story to tell!

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Our Collection

of Australian Quilts and Textiles

The Lions Club of Quilters Victoria has been developing the Australian Quilt and Textile Collection (AQTC) since 2011, with the principle objective of capturing our cultural, artistic and social history through textiles.

The vision continues and the collection:

  • Reflects our quilting history
  • Shares stories woven and stitched into each work
  • Records quilt provenance
  • Introduces unique and brilliant Australian quilt artists
  • Provides the experience of viewing quilts and textiles works in gallery settings as well as ‘around the table’

This ongoing and important program is for everyone to participate in, and to celebrate as a publicly viewable collection. You are able to view the collection at our regular Quilts of the Round Table events or by appointment.

We invite you to become a friend of the AQTC to support us to achieve our goals. If you have a special area of expertise you are willing to share, we welcome ideas and input. We also require financial donations to build the collection.

Australian quilt design is recognised and celebrated throughout the world as it reflects the unique characteristics, colours, geographical features, cultures and creative strengths which make up Australia.

AQTC Gallery

2024 International Challenge Gallery

A celebration of humanity, honouring our world – coming together – learning through our differences and affinities. The works created as part of this special global quilt challenge reflect natural, man-made, cultural or historical representations of a variety of countries and communities.

The Exploration of all things Fabric and Thread

The AQTC Is Your Collection

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There are several ways that you can support or contribute, including becoming a Member or Associate Member of LCQV or through donating.

We need a diverse membership foundation to support the AQTC and our textile and humanitarian programs. You will find your niche in LCQV and all ideas are welcome!

You can help by,

  • Making an individual donation
  • Arranging a group sponsorship for specific acquisitions
  • Becoming a keynote supporter
  • Leaving a bequest
  • Lending your time or skill
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