About LCQV

The Lions Club of Quilters Victoria chartered in 2014 as a special interest Lions club with a key focus on the preservation of Australia’s unique quilting heritage, with inclusive recognition of our quilt makers and quilt artists along with their back stories.

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As a Lions Club, we also incorporate service activities. Our signature project, the Australian Quilt & Textile Collection, is a service to all those who are passionate about textiles and quilting, and see value in preserving it. AQTC is a tangible and exciting collection of works reflecting many artistic genres and skill levels, we strive for excellence in storage, cataloguing and display practices, and in offering public viewing opportunities which enable participants to enjoy a fully immersive, stimulating and educational experience.

Lions International is a world leader in immediate humanitarian response during disasters. Where this is a need, there is a Lion, and our members eagerly show their compassion and contribute time and efforts to address local need.

Our LCQV team consists fully of volunteers who pay an annual fee to cover all Lions administration costs. We proudly observe our Constitutional requirement to deliver 100% of public monies back into our club projects and service activities.

For more information on the global Lions community and scope of work, please visit www.lionsclubs.org 

2023 – 2024

Robyn Falloon


Lyn Hendry


Ruth Nunn


Gayle Marett


Program Administration

Meet The Maker (online) 

  • Annual program
  • Technology package for delivery
  • Speakers
  • Showcase a Quilt Group
  • Feature guests
  • Quilt Shop Promotion (Australia wide)

International Quilt Challenge  

  • Vision and planning
  • Theme and schedule
  • Administration
  • Promotion

Stitched Up Archies  

  • Vision, Planning, Requirements and Delivery

Exhibitions and Events   

  • Quilts on the Pews
  • Other

Service Projects 

  • RCH Neo Natal Intensive Care Unit: Scent Hearts Program
  • Shannon’s Bridge Foundation: Palliative Care Support Programs
  • St Vincent’s Institute of Medical Research (SVI) – Equipment Funding

Quilt Commissions  

  • Parameters
  • Costing
  • Design, planning, acknowledgement, recording provenance
  • Programming
  • Delivery

Social Events 

  • Annual Retreat
  • Quilting Tours
  • Interactive Quilt Projects eg Round Robin, multi block activities, etc

If you have skills and would like to contribute to any of the areas listed above, please contact us to enquire about being a part of an amazing team.

We are passionate about textiles and quilting